Aquatic Fitness Systems

Swim Spas by Dimension One


The amazing AquaFit System is more than just a swim spa. Use it to swim-in-place; or use it to walk, run, stretch, row, strength train and more! The AquaFit System serves as an exceptional training tool that you can use to help you teach your children how to swim.

Low-impact exercises strengthen, tone and shape your body while you're suspended in buoyant weightlessness. Advanced aquatic engineering pampers and soothes. The AquaFit System combines the benefits of a fitness center with the rejuvenation benefits of home hydrotherapy.

The AquaFit System provides fun, fitness and relaxation for the whole family!

AquaFit System: Your Fitness Fountain of Youth!



AquaFit 16 PLAY

General Specifications:

Jets: 20
Dimensions: 192”L x 90.25”W x 52”H
Water Capacity: 1,700 Gallons
Weight: Dry – 2,400 / Full – 17,100 lbs



AquaFit Sport

General Specifications:

Jets: 4 or 6
Dimensions: 156”L x 91”W x 52”H
Water Capacity: 1,670 gallons (est)
Weight: 2,500 lbs dry, 16,411 lbs full (est)


AquaFit 19 Pro

General Specifications:

Jets: 22
Dimensions: 228”L x 90.25”W x 62”H
Water Capacity: 2,400 Gallons
Weight: Dry – 3,600 / Full – 23,600 lbs


AquaFit Plus

General Specifications:

Seating Capacity: 6
Jets: 23
Dimensions: – 228”L x 90”W x 52”H
Weight: Dry – 3,500 / Full – 18,000 lbs
Water Capacity: 1,730 Gallon


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