Big Pig Trailer Rig


Big Pig Rig Pellet Trailer

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Big Pig Rig Pellet Grill features:

Main Cooking Area

3' x 4'6" – 13.5 sq ft

2 stainless steel grates

Top Cooking Area

1'6" x 4'10"  – 7.25 sq ft

stainless steel grate

Total Cooking Area 20.75 sq ft
Meat Probe Included
Firebox with Vertical Grooves 5 1/2"
Auger 2"   – 5.3 revolution
Dual Parts Ignitor and Combustion Fans
Large Pellet Hopper hold 84 lbs
Side Shelves 12" x 41", set of 2
Exterior Finish High Temp paint up to 1,200 degrees
Outer Material 1/8" thick steel
Dimensions 3'5" x 5'
Lid Hydraulic openers
Sense Mate Dual Control



Dimensions 6' L x 5' W
Weight 1,120 lbs on 2,000 lb axle
Hitch 2"
Tires 12"
Driving Signals Brake, Turning, Tail Lights, Side Reflectors (4-pin)
Front Storage Area 1'10" x 5'


Big Pig Trailer Rig


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