Hot Tub Chemicals

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SpaGuard® Brominating Concentrate
Brominating Concentrate
Granule Sanitizer
14 oz, 2 lb, 6 lb
SunPurity Cartridge
Silver Ion Sanitizer 
Lasts ~ 4 months
SpaGuard® Brominating Tablets
Brominating Tablets
1" tablet sanitizer
1.5 lb or 5 lb
SpaGuard® Chlorinating Concentrate
Chlorinating Concentrate
Granule Sanitizer
14 oz, 2 lb, 5 lb
Test Strips
Color coded for easy testing
50 per bottle
Jet Clean
Use when draining tub
Removes buildup in plumbing
SpaGuard® Enhanced Shock
Enhanced Shock
Chlorinated Oxidizer
2 lb or 5 lb
SpaGuard® Spa Shock
Spa Shock
Non-Chlorine Oxidizer
40 oz or 5 lb
SpaGuard® pH Increaser
pH Increaser
Raises pH, prevent corrosion
18 oz
SpaGuard® pH Decreaser
pH Decreaser
Lower pH, clean filters
22 oz
SpaGuard® Total Alkalinity Increaser
Total Alkalinity Increaser
Stabilize pH
2 lb
SpaGuard® Calcium Hardness Increaser
Calcium Hardness Increaser
Use with "soft water"
12 oz
SpaGuard® Stain And Scale Control
Stain & Scale
Prevents calcium buildup
1 qt or 1 pt
Off The Wall
Off the Wall
Surface cleaner
12 oz
SpaGuard® Natural Spa Enzyme
Natural Spa Enzyme
Controls odor and waterline buildup
1 qt
SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser
Filter Cleaner
Removes oil and dirt buildup
1 qt
SpaGuard® Water Clarifier
Anti Foam
Eliminates surface foam
1 pt
SpaGuard® Water Clarifier
Water Clarifier
Clears cloudy water
16 oz
SpaGuard® Spa Mitts
Cleaning Mitts
Clean surface / waterline
5 per pack
SpaGuard® Water Freshener
Water Freshener
Eliminates odor
1 pt
Silver / Copper Disc
Disc Sanitizer
packs of 1 or 2
303 Protectant
Clean / protects cover
several sizes available
Test Kit
available for order
various reagents available
in stock or for order
Floater for bromine tabs
Nature 2 Cartridge
Mineral Cartridge


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