AGP Pellet Insert by Lopi

AGP Pellet Insert

by Lopi

Porter's Price starting at $4,748.00

Heating Capacity 800 to 2,000 Sq Feet
Steady State Efficiency 72%
Glass Size 321 Sq In
Heat Output 11,480 to 41,000 BTU's / Hour
Maximum Burn Time 28 Hours


The Lopi AGP pellet insert offers all the benefits of wood heating plus fuel that is clean, compact and easy to use. The pellets are made from all-natural wood by-products. They are safe for the environment and are a renewable resource. The AGP pellet insert is designed to efficiently burn ALL GRADES of wood pellets to produce a quick, convenient heat.

The EPA has certified the AGP as extremely clean burning – producing less the 1 gram of emissions per hour making our appliances exempt from State mandated burn bans. Pellet fuel is also price competitive.

Why Do We Call it the AGP?
We’ve designed the new AGP to burn “All Grades of Pellets.” From the hopper to the ashpan we have designed in features that allow you to burn low grade pellets as efficiently and effectively as possible. With its unique fuel delivery system we’ve eliminated many of the maintenance headaches previously associated with owning a pellet stove.
• NO Over Feeding
• NO Problem With Pellet Fines Blocking the Auger
• NO Burn Back

The heart of the system is the Horizontal Rotary Disc (HRD). Its purpose is twofold;
(1) It controls the amount of fuel that leaves the hopper and enters the auger.
(2) No direct path between the burning fuel, the auger and hopper eliminating any chance of burn back.

As the layered disc rotates fuel leaves the hopper and enters the holding area: the space between the hopper and the drop zone. The disc rotates 180 degrees before the holding area opens into the fuel drop zone, allowing the fuel to drop onto the auger.

By doing this the two openings (upper and lower) are never simultaneously aligned, thus delivering a precise amount of fuel and eliminating any chance for a burn back. The Horizontal auger moves the fuel from the drop zone to the inclined firepot. By being horizontal it offers two distinct advantages;
(1) Along with the pellets it moves the pellet fines onto the burn platform to be burned instead of causing a potential maintenance issue – more heat less waste
(2) Less stress on auger motor – longer life with years of smooth, quite operation

Burn Platform – This is where intense combustion occurs. The design and materials used in the burn platform has everything to do with long life of the components and a happy homeowner. The burn platform is made of long life high-grade 309 stainless steel and is 3/16” thick. The inclined floor of the firepot is at a 14 degree angle, and that is very important to the combustion performance. At 14 degrees it is self tuned to burn the fuel completely and still maintain its self cleaning benefit. As new fuel enters the platform ash and particulate matter is pushed into the ashpan for easy removal as routine maintenance dictates. By being self cleaning the homeowner is rarely required to remove any unburned clinkers. But if it is necessary to assist the system the burn platform cleanout tool provided does it with ease.

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