Pool Chemicals

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BioGuard SmartPak 3-Step Systems

Designed to last ~ 4 weeks


Feeder Floater Pak
  • Silk Smart Sticks
  • Smart Shock
  • Smart Algicide


  • Silk Smart Stick
  • Smart Shock 
  • Smart Algicide 


Silk Sticks
Silk Tabs & Sticks
Chlorine Tablet / Stick
1" and 3"
various size containers from 3.5 lb to  40 lb
Silk Smart Sticks
Silk Smart Sticks
Chlorine Tabs
used in skimmers
4 lb, 8 lb, 18 lb, 30 lb
BioGuard Super Soluble
Super Soluble
Chlorine granule
various sizes from 2 lb to 35 lb
8 lb or 25 lb
Burn Out 35
Burn Out 35
1 lb bag
1 lb bag
Smart Shock
Smart Shock
1 lb, 2 lb, 25 lb
Balance Pak 100
Balance Pak 100
Total Alkalinity
4 lb, 12 lb, 25 lb
Balance Pak 200
Balance Pak 200
Raises pH
2 lb or 6 lb
Lo N Slo
Low 'N Slo
Lower pH
3 lb or 8 lb
Algae All60
Algea All 60
Prevent and kill algae
1 qt
Back Up
Back Up
Prevent algae
1 qt
Kill all types of algae
1 qt
Optimizer Plus
Optimizer Plus
Supress algae growth
8 lb, 20 lb, 40 lb
BioGuard Smart Algicide
Algae 28-10
Prevent algae growth
1 qt
Off The Wall
Off the Wall
Surface Cleaner
12 oz
Polysheen Blue
Polysheen Blue
Clears up cloudy water
1 qt
Angry Egg
Clears water
1 time use
Pool Tonic
Pool Tonic
Clears "sick" pool
1 qt
Winter Kit
Arctic Blue Winter Kit
Winterize Pool
small and large size
Chem Out
Removes Chlorine and Bromine
from water
Test Strips
Coded for easy testing
50 per bottle
Jet Clean
Use when draining
Removes buildup in plumbing



SpaGuard Filter Cleaner & Degreaser
Filter Cleaner
Removes oil and dirt buildup
1 qt



SpaGuardĀ® Spa Mitts
Cleaning Mitts
Clean surface / waterline
5 per pack



303 Protectant
Clean / protects cover
several sizes available



Test Kit
available for order



various reagents available
in stock or for order



Floater for chlorine tabs



Vision Cartridge
Mineral Cartridge
Use in Swim Spas
Filter Media
20 lb bag
Stocked in Riverton branch


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