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Sterling Gas Stove

By Hearthstone

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Heats up to Up to 1,800 sq. ft.
Burn Rate Range 12,000 – 38,000 BTUs/hr.
Steady State Efficiency 74– 83%
Weight 230 Lbs


All the convenience and heating efficiency of gas… all the radiant warmth of stone and enameled cast iron… the Sterling is a powerful heater that becomes a warm and inviting centerpiece to your home. A perfect choice for heating a midsize home, the Sterling is our biggest heater and most versatile stove, available with more venting configurations and options than any other gas stove on the market. Dial the heat up with the included wall thermostat or optional remote control. The Sterling’s variable flame adjuster lets you control the fire’s intensity; adjust to a higher flame for more heat output, or to a lower flame for gentle warmth.

Heats up to: Up to 1,800 sq. ft.
Burn Rate Range: 12,000 – 38,000 BTUs/hr.
Steady State Efficiency: 74– 83%
EnerGuide Rating: 74%

Certified room heat with double heat exchange system

Increased stove efficiency; less heat lost up the chimney means more usable heat for less money.

Adjustable heat output

All the pleasure of fire viewing ambiance, even when little room heat is required.

Millivolt ignition system

Stove can operate without electricity; excellent source of heat during power outages.

Wall thermostat

Included thermostat turns stove on and off; maintains the home at preset comfort level; desired heat is maintained automatically. Optional programmable thermostat is available.

Top and rear-vent adapters

Increase stove location options; reduce installation costs: vent pipe can be hidden from view.

Three-way on/off thermostat switch

Allows you to flip the stove on for instantaneous fire or to control the stove from the wall thermostat or to turn it off.

Variable speed fan with thermostat (optional)

Heated air is moved throughout the home for more uniform temperature. Thermostat monitors stove body temperatures and automatically controls fan.

Remote controls (optional)

Simple "on/off" and thermostatic remote controls allow the fire to be controlled from across the room. Temperature is controlled by the thermostat located within the remote itself. (Remote needs to be kept in the same room as the stove.)

Window screen (optional)

Enhances flame and reduces hearth requirement. The door glass "disappears" from viewing, leaving only the dancing flames and glowing logs. Eliminates the need for floor protection.

Sealed firebox/ Direct-Vent technology

Air for combustion is drawn from outside the home, reducing cold air drafts; greater efficiency due to not using heated room air for combustion.

Unique Direct-Vent installation

Easily installed next to an outside wall with no vertical pipe required. The Sterling can be installed 2" from an outside wall directly to a terminus. (See manual for compact listing.) Most other venting options also available.

Versatile Venting

Stove can be vented straight out the back or vertically.

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