Tribute DV

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Tribute Gas Stove

By Hearthstone

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Heats up to 900 sq. ft.
Size 18,000 BTUs
Efficiency 82%

The Tribute DV is a powerful gas heater, hardworking enough to keep smaller spaces wonderfully warm. The Tribute DV’s stone and cast iron design helps distribute heat quickly and evenly, while its cast iron double heat exchanger helps maximize heating efficiency. And, with an adjustable flame control, the Tribute DV lets you control the amount of heat you want… either for greater warmth, or just the romantic ambiance of gentle flames. The Tribute DV's classic styling, five cast iron finishes, and three stone color options will complement any home decor.

Heats up to: Up to 900 sq. ft.
Burn Rate Range: 10,500 – 18,000 BTUs/hr.
Steady State Efficiency: 70– 82%
EnerGuide Rating: 63.3% (NG), 66.3% (LP)

Large fire viewing area; realistic logs and flame picture

A perfect focal point for relaxation and enjoyment.

Adjustable heat output

All the pleasure of fire viewing ambiance, even when little room heat is required.

Certified room heat with double heat exchange system

Increased stove efficiency; less heat lost up the chimney means more usable heat for less money.

No hearth required

Stove can be installed directly on a wooden floor so less floor space is required; installation costs are less.

Sealed firebox/ Direct-Vent technology

Air for combustion is drawn from outside the home, reducing cold air drafts; greater efficiency due to not using heated room air for combustion.

Through the wall venting option

Vent pipe can be installed through an exterior wall with only a short rise of vertical pipe exposed. An inconspicuous terminus on the outside wall completes the installation. Vent pipe can be installed through an exterior wall with just the pipe elbow exposed. Special terminus on the outside wall required to provide necessary vertical rise.

Through the roof venting option

Stove can be installed in an interior location with the vent pipe terminating above the roof. Stove can also be installed through an existing fireplace or Class A chimney using special adapters; great option if replacing a woodstove.

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