4300 Millennium

Quadra-Fire 4300 Millennium Wood Stove
The 4300 Millennium is built to deliver unparalleled heating performance year after year. Solid construction is only the beginning. Expect these powerful wood stoves to provide clean, efficient burns and impressive heating control with Automatic Combustion Control (ACC).
Heat 1,100-3,000 sq ft with 63,700 BTUs*, based on climate and home efficiency
Emission levels: 1.0 grams per hour – EPA certified appliance
2.4 cu ft firebox capacity / recommended 18″ log length
Every fuel load provides up to 12 hours of burn time†
Quick, simple start-up
Also available in these sizes: 2100 Millennium | 3100 Millennium
*The amount of heat produced by a heating appliance is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). One BTU represents the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of 1 lb. of water by 1 degree F. Generally, more BTUs correlate to greater heating potential. However, the amount of BTUs needed to heat a specific area varies, based on climate and home efficiency.
Available in Riverton only.


Primary Specs
Height 31"
Width 26"
Depth 28-11/16"
Peak BTU/hr Output: 63,700
Heating Capacity: 1,100 - 3,000 sq ft
Maximum Burn Time: 12 hrs
Firebox Capacity: 2.3 cu ft
Recommended Log Length: 18"
Viewing Area: 165 sq in
Efficiency: 80.20%
Emissions: 1.0 grams/hour