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Green Mountain Grill Accessories

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Form Fitting "Gully Washer" Cover
Velco cinches secure the cover to the grill keeping it safe and dry
Jim Bowie – $69.99       Daniel Boone – $59.99      Davy Crockett – $48.95

Thermal Blanket
Keep grill warm in the winter and cut pellet usage by up to 50%
Jim Bowie – $89.99       Daniel Boone – $79.99

Rib Rack
Grill 7 racks of ribs in the vertical GMG rib rack
Porter's Price – $22.99

Smoke Shelf
Upper rack – add more cooking room to your grill
Jim Bowie – $36.95       Daniel Boone – $29.95

12" x 16" – Turn your grill into a stovetop!
Porter's Price – $69.95

Front Shelf
Perfect spot to place your prepped food before grilling it
Jim Bowie – $49.95       Daniel Boone – $44.95

Remote Control
Upgrade your non-remote model to be remote compatible
Remote Retrofit Kit – $189.95


Oven Mitt
Porter's Price – $9.95


Porter's Price – $9.95





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